Disclaimer: I wrote this while eating a carrot cake, please mind the typos and errors as my focus was on the cake (obviously). Also, this writing is not meant to degrade the “objective” quality of Foodnesia as an event as well as parts contain therein, e.g.: the quality of food and/or dance(s) since who am I to judge? Thus, this writing serves the purpose of describing a personal experience.


So, Foodnesia!!!! (I think it deserves exclamation point).

The event ended with “common” dance with Indonesian EDM songs the so-called “dangdut”. It was exciting in a sense that people gathered around (by people I mean not only Indonesian ones but also people with diverse looks) and just moved their body. I doubt other than Indonesian they will understand the songs. Regardless, they happily danced and laughed as the one of the master of ceremonies (I forgot his name but someone starts with a “D”, “Denise”??) performed erotic yet funny moves. He was quite talented on that, I observed (from far away back, near the photo booth).

Speaking of photo sort-of-exhibition booth, the photos displayed incited nostalgic memories about Indonesia (yes, I know I’m just 7-8 months away from home, but whatever). The mountains, beaches, and the people as well. It was nice to have this booth.

Other than above stuff, let’s talk about the food. I did not eat but I managed to, again, observe people’s faces while eating it (kind of creepy though). They looked pleasant with the food probably for the obvious reason: Indonesian foods bring this what I called “dopamine explosion” as it is rich with flavors and ingredients. Specifically, when you are at Edinburgh: cold, windy, and I can imagine the food is like fish and chips, sandwich, et cetera. Not that I am saying those foods are not pleasant, but you get what I mean.

What else? OH! The man of the hour, Benhard Martin!!!!! I think people should give huge credits on him as he managed this event (of course, his overall committees as well which all were very hospitable to the guests of this event). I think through this event, he made a contribution as one of PK-63 LPDP peeps to Indonesia as the event promotes Indonesian culture. I can imagine he has to juggle between classes and this event which, in my perspective, needs excellent time management so that he can put both activities in a quite balance. Bravo and congrats, Ben!

*picture was taken from here